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Some channels within my package are not working

Some channels with my subscription packs are not working:


For example I have "Doco & Adventure" pack and "Crime + Investigation" is not working with a F0106 error but "BBC Earth" is.


So why are some channels working and some not, in my paid subscription packs?


Regards CC

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Re: Some channels within my package are not working

Anyone having a similar problem. I am paying for Channel Packs, but some of the channels within each are not accessible, eg. can't get CNN from within FOX8 Essentials, or Crime and Investigation within Doco and Adventure.  I am paying for these channels but not getting them.


I have tried calling the help line numerous times but due to the COVID19 pandemic, I am unable to get through. I  am constantly being directed to use the online support and MyTelstra and 24x7 but there is no option to fix, diagnose, or change my package.


I try and change my package by calling Foxtel, but then NO SUPPORT. So I am being forced to pay for something I am not receiving with no avenue to even cancel or change subscriptions either via phone OR online.

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Re: Some channels within my package are not working

There does not seem to be a practical way to cancel, change or dispute anything with Telstra or Foxtel now. You'll probably need to lodge a complaint to get any action.




TIO: 1800 062 058 (Monday to Friday)

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