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Game Optimiser benefits for non-gamer household

I was hoping to get some thoughts from the community on the Game Optimiser subscription benefits for a household who is not heavily into games. The internet is primarily used to work from home during the day (Web, Mail, VoIP, Video Conferencing) and streaming media during the evening. Occasionally there are some games played through a Nintendo Switch or Apple Arcade, but it's very casual. Currently there are no other consoles, however there are a significant number of home automation devices connected through (light bulbs, blinds, door locks, air conditioning, etc).


My initial impression is that there doesn't seem to be much of a benefit for my particular scenario, however it does seem that Game Optimiser enables advanced QoS capabilities by application and offers network-wide ad blocking. Is this the case, and if so how well do they work? Am I missing something else obvious too?


Any thoughts are appreciated.

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Game Optimiser Expert

Re: Game Optimiser benefits for non-gamer household

Thanks for posting!


Hopefully the community can feedback with their experience here, though I will mention myself that Game Optimiser classifies work from home traffic by default. This means things like Zoom, Webex, Teams, etc can all be automatically detected and prioritised to ensure you don't have any connectivity or quality issues while on work calls!

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