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Optimiser uses far too much CPU

How do i turn off Optimiser apps,found the supposed option to under System information, the pause icons/checkboxes dont work

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Game Optimiser Expert

Re: Optimiser uses far too much CPU

Hi @anyname there is no way currently to pause individual Rapps from running but that will come in future. What is the CPU usage you're seeing? Are you seeing any negative effects that are caused by this?

Level 1: Cadet

Re: Optimiser uses far too much CPU

Hi, thanks for the reply.


Game Optimiser uses around 40% of the CPU, hitting 60% at times (not counting CPU already being used).

Optimiser was to try get fix an ongoing speed issue with my connection, it didnt/doesnt help at all, was worth a shot, but ive decide now its not of any use to me.

I have a google home mini, now unplugged, and my mobile and laptop on the connection, giving most, and even ALL the connection speed, isnt any different to just turning my ph off.

I was hoping Optimiser might still be worth keeping, but it make my laptop fan run loudly, and constantly, i double checked this by turning Optimiser to pause and even off, and the fan goes back to all but silent again.

Ive kind of decided now, im not going to use it now, but i appreciate you replying anyway, though, i was supposed to get this message sent to my email so i knew when someone replied, but, ...just happened to see this message as im still working with NBN to resolve all these endless issues.



Game Optimiser Expert
Game Optimiser Expert

Re: Optimiser uses far too much CPU


Hey Dan, 


Sorry to hear that! Are you referring to the CPU usage of your laptop or CPU usage shown in System Information (In Game Optimiser)?


Game Optimiser won't have any affect on your laptop's CPU unless you've got the interface open in your browser, do you notice your laptop's fans calm down after closing the interface?


I can understand if you are no longer using Game Optimiser, however if you change your mind and would like to continue troubleshooting just let us know and we'd be happy to assist!

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