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XBox All Access - Gamepass stopped / cancelled

Started my Xbox All Access last December. Had been working fine up to September 1, but then Gamepass stopped / has been canceled (it is a 24 month plan).    Unfortunately, I deal with Telstra directly (whom I pay as part of All Access) so it needs to be addressed and fixed by Telstra - My bills with Telstra are fully paid. 


TELSTRA support have no idea how to fix (appears to be a back end issue with Telstra not communicating to MS).    Have spoken to Telstra support 5 times with no resolution (start at scratch on each call).   I have tickets with both Telstra, and even MS (to try and get them to talk and resolve).  I'm stuck in the middle paying monthly Game Pass bills - with no Game Pass.


After weeks of trying - my only option will to be to cancel my contract with Telstra (pay out the box) - and just pay GamePass direct to MS.

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Re: XBox All Access - Gamepass stopped / cancelled

Hi @DiamondDog that's no good. We have an existing process in place for troubles with the included Games Pass, feel free to PM through your case reference via Telstra Facebook or Twitter and we'll follow up for you.

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Re: XBox All Access - Gamepass stopped / cancelled

Hi Cas-ra,

I’m in the Same boat here. My game pass will expire in a few days and I have Spoken to Telstra support who have hand balled me to Microsoft, who say I have to go back and talk to Telstra.

Appears to be a broken token request system between Telstra and Microsoft. 


Can you help?

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Re: XBox All Access - Gamepass stopped / cancelled

I am having the same issue where do I get help?

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Re: XBox All Access - Gamepass stopped / cancelled

I was in Help Desk hell for almost a month - every discussion with Telstra support started at step 1 (7 calls/discussions!). Every call they would ask me to contact Microsoft support, would ask for my serial number (provided 5 times!), every time they said they had escalated and would phone back within 24 hours - never happened once - each time l would follow up, would start again at step one - repeat.


I even raised tickets with MS, and passed the ticket numbers between MS and Telstra - nothing.


What l think happened with my particular issue, my credit card expired/renewed (as they do every 4 years), and l updated my Telstra details and paid my account, but l feel this did not trigger TELSTRA and MS backend systems.


Explained this over and over but got nowhere.


Unfortunately, the only solution was to cancel with Telstra and pay out my XBox.  I have now rejoined with MS Gamepass direct - all working.


I am no longer a Telstra customer.

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