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disagree with the assessment

Re: RR1-2400849995477 ( Telstra resolution request number) 

I have been with Telstra over twenty years, recently Telstra started to ignore my issues very disappointing.

Microphone issue with my google pixel  xl that when I am in a call the other party cannot hear me or not properly, the deice was sent out for assessment but they could not replicate the issue at the time of test but I am still experiencing the issue. I requested for the second time same restitution they could not replicate the issue, I am wondering how can I prove it to you that I am having the issue. because you relying on your set of rules as per assessments but in reality it is different I use the phone everyday much longer than your assessment time there for it is commonsense that different experience obviously during everyday .

Other than that the phone is as new everything else is fully functional, I am very disappointing that telstra did not want to replace this device. 

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