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Faulty mobile devices

The Pixel 2 I purchased in late November was faulty and I received a refurbished phone at the end of November. Now my refurbished phone is experiencing a fault as well. Both issues are completely different, I have not dropped my refurbished device, exposed it to water or anything that might damage it. It either stays in my bag, in my hand or a flat surface.
As a new customer I'm not satisfied with this, I love the phone as it is, I'm just annoyed and mad that two phones have come out faulty. My partner who went with a different colour has had no issues what so ever with his device.
What are my options when going back to the store with my phone? Will it be any different than when I first reported a faulty device?
I have reset it, and have videos and pictures of the fault continuing after the reset.
What happens is that when in resting mode the screen goes bright Gray and 'flashes' rather than staying the solid black with the clock. This grey tint does not go away until I have unlocked the phone and returned to the front page.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Faulty mobile devices


The process for faulty devices is the same, no matter if it's new or refurbished.

The handset will need to be assessed by our Device Care Team and this can be arranged via any Telstra Store.


From there, the Device Care Team will make a decision on how to best proceed, either with repair, or replacement.

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