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Pixel 2 Android 8.1 OTA update

Is the Pixel 2 8.1 OTA image posted here the final Telstra build or are you working on a custom image?


Is it safe to flash this OTA with Telstra SIM?

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Re: Pixel 2 Android 8.1 OTA update

I got pixel 2 and I am.with Optus at the mement but joining to Telstra. Luckily I have received 8.1 update this morning.
I am just wondering if the update for pixel with Telstra also available today. If it is not by Telstra. I need to consider to stay with optus for a while.
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Re: Pixel 2 Android 8.1 OTA update

Doesn't the update for the Pixel 2 come from Google not the carrier.

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Re: Pixel 2 Android 8.1 OTA update

Yes but with the pixel 2 (and some older pixel devices) Telstra can put a block on the update while they do testing to make sure it's OK.
When I had a nexus 5 telstra blocked a major update (I can't remember what it was but It was something like v5 to v6)
The fix? Chuck in a non telstra sim.

Also worth noting that the pixel 2 devices both have a modified version of android which you can see for yourself on the google devoloper website. Telstra has their own image. Now i dont know exactly what the difference is, but at a guess it has something to do with the 850mhz 3g frequency, volte, vowifi and enhanced sms (aka telstra messenging which isn't available yet)

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Re: Pixel 2 Android 8.1 OTA update

I have the Pixel 2. I was on Optus previously and had no problems receiving updates soon after I read about them online. I recently switched to Telstra as my carrier. I do not have the 8.1 update yet (as of 13-Dec). I never realised the OTA updates were dependent on carrier approval until today. Smiley Sad
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Re: Pixel 2 Android 8.1 OTA update

AU non-Telstra carriers receive the updates immediately (pending Google roll-out time frames) because Telstra is the only official carrier. Bit sucky but being able to sideload the OTA image is more than good enough for me.


Only thing that I'd be jumpy to get specific to a Telstra release would be RCS/Telstra Messaging, although Telstra support are clueless to when this is going to be a reality for Pixel 2/2XL

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