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Pixel 2 XL USB Data Transfer and Android Auto not working

Hi, I have had my Google Pixel 2 XL for almost 2 months now when data transfer (and thus Android Auto in my car) stopped working.

It was having some problems with connection, dropping out here and there (where as my old Pixel XL never had this issue), and now it has stopped working altogether.


It still charges when plugged into my computer or car just fine, however it no longer gives me the option for data transfer. Usually you would get a notification asking what type of USB connection it is, now when I go into the settings it says it isn't even connected to USB.

I've tried resetting my phone, restarting computer, USB debugging mode on/off in developer options...


Does anybody else have this issue? Or would anyone have any ideas on how to fix it?


Also, as this is on a Lease plan from online, if it is a hardware issue, do I need to send it back via post or could I take it in to a store?

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Re: Pixel 2 XL USB Data Transfer and Android Auto not working

Hi aurion,


sorry to read that you are having issues with your USB port by the sounds of it. Even though you purchased the phone online, you are welcome to take it to your local store so it can be sent to our national repair centre for assessment and repair. To assist you, here is our store locator


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Re: Pixel 2 XL USB Data Transfer and Android Auto not working

I'm having the same issue. It all started with not being recognised by my car every now and then and thus, Android Auto is not working all the time. I have to restart the phone and this fixes the issue in some cases. About connectivity to PC, yeah, I'd expect a pop up to select connection type, however, I have to go to setting and if recognised, select the proper connection type myself. The other issue which I bumped into recently is the Headphone Jack Adapter. Sometimes the phone doesn't recognise it and keep playing the songs out of speakers, rather than the headphone. ALL THESE ISSUES IN THE FIRST MONTH OF USE!!!!
The Funny thing is Last year I got my HTC 10 and I was having several hardware issues, Telstra swapped my device 3 times (and then while the NFC issue was still there, they refused to acknowledge the issue anymore, so I put up with it for almost a year). Now this year I switched to Pixel 2 XL and the issues started the first month!!! It's getting frustrating...

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