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Pixel 5 Wireless charging


Can anyone help me out. I've just received a pixel 5 and having issues with it charging wireless on my car charger. I have tried without a case and still same issue, tried a different QI charger, tried a high USB output  and still the same.

When I put it in the holder...starts up fine but as soon as the car moves or any little movement and the it stops and within a few seconds will flick up on screen as though it's charging again.

I've also noticed that even if staying stationary in car - it states charging but doesn't increase its battery power?

Looking at sending this back as I drive everywhere with my job and need maps etc. But they drain the battery and it's not uncommon for me to drive for 12hrs at 1 time.

Any suggestions would be great....

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Pixel 5 Wireless charging

Wireless charging isn't the greatest when running power intensive apps. It maxes out at 12W, so it may not actually charge your device, just maintain the charge.


The Pixel 5 has a quirk with it's wireless charging. Because it has an Aluminium body (stops wireless charging dead in its tracks), Google cut a hole in the body to expose the charging coils and then encased it in polymer to protect it and make it look like the rest of the phone.


What it does mean is that you have to be quite precise with the positioning of the phone and charging pad. If the coils in the charging pad do not line up correctly with the phone coils, wireless charging will not work properly.

The lower edge of the coil is at the top of the "G" on the back of the phone and the centre of the coil matches up roughly with the centre of the phone.


I use a Note10+5G and even though my Acadia has inbuilt charging that works fine, I still plug it in using a USB cable (also allows Android auto to work - saves battery power on navigation as the car screen does that part). I also have a 25W PD/QI charger that plugs into the accessories port (ciggy lighter) to charge it up quickly if it is drained.

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