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RCS Google pixel 4 XL not working

I recently upgraded from the pixel 3 to the pixel 4. I had the RCS enabled on my 3 however when i go to enable it on my 4 it tells me it's not supported by my carrier. I called messaged Telstra who said they couldn't help and i would have to call as it's a technical issue, the person i i spoke to when i i called told me that google phone isn't supported when i i explain that the person i was talking to on the Telstra chat, he then said that it's not a Telstra issue but a google issue that i would have to call google about and that it's not something he can help me with over the phone.  I contacted google and they said that it's a Telstra issue.. I've tried everything on the forums and nothing will work to get the RCS activated. Super frustrated at this stage as everyone is just passing the ball an no one wants to actually help..

Koneko ahri

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Re: RCS Google pixel 4 XL not working

I'm keen for a solution to this too.

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Re: RCS Google pixel 4 XL not working

Hello Konekoahri,


I had exactly the same issue (went from a pixel 3 to a pixel 4 xl) and I managed to fixed it yesterday by combining 2 solutions I found in other forums. See below the steps I followed:


  1. Go to a Telstra store and get a replacement sim card (I didn't deactivate my chat features in Messages when I changed phones so I'm suspecting this is necessary)
  2. Insert the new sim card in your phone
  3. Turn on Airplane mode
  4. Open the Settings app
  5. Tap Apps & notifications. If you don't see all your apps, tap "See all xxx apps"
  6. Scroll down to "Carrier Services" and tap on it
  7. Tap "Force stop" and then Ok
  8. Tap "Storage & cache" and then Clear storage
  9. Go back to the apps list
  10. Scroll down to "Messages" and tap on it
  11. Tap "Force stop" and then Ok
  12. Tap "Storage & cache" and then "Clear cache" and "Clear storage"
  13. Get out of the apps list and go back to your "Settings"
  14. Scroll down to "System"
  15. Tap on "Advanced"
  16. Tap on "Reset options"
  17. Tap on "Reset Wi-Fi. mobile and Bluetooth" (this will reset and remove all your wifi networks and bluetooth devices so you'll have re-enter them again)
  18. Turn on airplane mode if it didn't turn on automatically
  19. Go to your Messages app and you should see a prompt to activate the chat features

Here are the links of the forums I checked. Good luck!






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