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Bring HomeKit to Telstra SmartHome — Maybe a partnership name could be "Telstra SmartHome+"?

I'm an all  fan and I find it a tad annoying that Telstra hasn't approached Apple directly for integration! They have with Google & Amazon.


Sure it's costly for Telstra to pay Apple for whatever legalities over integration partnerships, but why not just bump the price by something like $2.50 for the Apple integration... Pass that onto the consumer and create a separate Apple+Telstra SmartHome Devices but do it with all integrating partners? Maybe the Partnerships could design the devices and Telstra provide the service through Telstra SmartHome and add their logo alongside?


All integrated partners could be like so —


Telstra SmartHome + HomeKit for $--.-- a month

**Maybe add in a service like Music TV+ subscriptions and/or the TV 4k & HomePod devices for additional pricing. See example below:


Telstra SmartHome EXTRA.A1 + HomeKit for $--.--

(INCL's: Music & TV+ subscriptions)


Telstra SmartHome EXTRA.A2 + HomeKit for $--.--

(INCL's: Music & TV+ subscriptions PLUS TV 4k)


Telstra SmartHome EXTRA.A3 + HomeKit for $--.--

(INCL's: Music & TV+ subscriptions plus bonus TV 4k & HomePod)


Telstra SmartHome + Microsoft for $--.-- a month

##Maybe add in Office 365 Home for additional $--.-- or Microsoft Surface Pro. ee example below: 


Telstra SmartHome EXTRA.M1 + Microsoft for $--.-- a month

(INCL's: Office365 Home subscription & Surface Home)


Telstra SmartHome EXTRA.M2 + Microsoft for $--.-- a month

(INCL's: Office365 Premium subscription & Surface Pro & Microsoft Nokia)


Telstra SmartHome + Google for $--.-- 

^^Maybe include extras following the illustrations similar to the above. 


I'd be more then joyed to pay extra just to have the integration of HomeKit!!!! And while I am here, I would be delighted to work for Telstra and improve with strategical planning and marketing with partnerships. :-) 




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