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Can the Telstra Smart Plug be paired with non-Telstra ZigBee hubs? If so, how?

As far as I can tell, Telstra no longer markets the Telstra Smart Plug, as they're now popping up in third party IT clearance sales. I don't have a Telstra Smart Home subscription or hub, as my home is set up with a Philips Hue hub and lighting. Where I ordered my Telstra Smart Plug, the reseller's product description says that it "can work with any ZigBee hub." However, I haven't been able to pair it with my Philips Hue hub despite many attempts.


I've tried searching for devices in the Philips Hue app immediately after powering on the Plug as well as pressing the Plug's "Pair" button manually. I also tried doing a reset on the Plug just in case (pressing Pair for 4s, inserting the plug and continuing to press Pair for 4s), but that's meant for deleting a previous pairing, which my Telstra Smart Plug doesn't have. It made no difference to my ability to pair the Plug, the Hue app didn't see it regardless.


It does seem to be entering pairing mode correctly, with the LED flashing three times before a pause, then repeat. Still, I seem to get no communication between the Hue hub and the Telstra Smart Plug. Does anybody have any advice?

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Re: Can the Telstra Smart Plug be paired with non-Telstra ZigBee hubs? If so, how?

I've been looking around a bit more while trying to get this solved, and it turns out the Telstra Smart Plug is actually a rebadged Sercomm SZ-ESW01-AU. There are other international releases of the same unit (minus the -AU, if you can imagine that), and I was able to find what I think is some kind of FCC filing for the US version of the same device. Quoting:




SZ-ESW01 is an electrical power measuring device, which with its embedded radio frequency (RF) technology that is compatible with ZigBee enabled devices, regardless of the manufacturer and can also be used with other devices with the ZigBee logo.

Furthermore, SZ-ESW01 can works as a signal repeater that will extend the wireless transmission range and increase the reliability of your network. With a ZigBee compatible gateway and software program, you'll also be able to monitor and inform the energy usage of the connected appliance.




This seems to pretty strongly imply that I should be able to pair this unit with non-Telstra ZigBee hubs.

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