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How to connect Sonoff WiFi switch to Telstra NBN GEN 3 modem

We are trying to connect 2 Sonoff POWR2 switches to our wifi via the eWeLink app with no success

We have tried a lot of options. Set modem to have 2.4Ghz only. Used different iphones. Tried both switches. Tried main and quest modem access points. Tried quick pairing and compatable pairing mode. Quick Pairing fails every time. Compatable pairing mode will load the switch details to the phone app but fails to connect to WiFi

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: How to connect Sonoff WiFi switch to Telstra NBN GEN 3 modem

When you have the modem set to use only 2.4GHz are any devices able to connect (such as a mobile phone etc)?.


- if yes, try turning off Protected Management Frames in the modem settings, and test again 


- if no, then the 2.4GHz radio could be faulty.

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Re: How to connect Sonoff WiFi switch to Telstra NBN GEN 3 modem

Thanks for reply Dowser

All other devices) iphones, ipads,PC, printer, foxtel) in house connect okay. The protection Management Frames were OFF.

I watched Youtube articles by David Smith regarding this Gen 2 modem and got success. Thanks David.

We used Guest1 2.4Ghz turned Band Steering off and changed Security Mode WPAZ-PSK to WPA+WPAZ-PSK

Quick pairing still does not work but Compatible Mode Pairing worked after several tries.

We then changed settings back and the devices continue to work well.

The later model iphone 11 we have acheived the pairing.

We are happy the pairing problem is SOLVED but must say, as non technical users we found the process a lot more complex than imagined. We remain unsure if the Sonoff WiFi switches, the Modem Gen 2, our phones  or  us caused this difficulty. 

Thanks for Help 

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