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Smart Home Hub will not connect to WiFi

For the past 2 months, (since power was disconnected for electrical work), my Hub has not connected to the home wifi.  Since installing many years ago the Hub worked even though it was 13 m from the modem, with a Camera and a door sensor another 2m away.  (I have therefore wasted over $50)


Today, I finally got around to trying to get the hub and camera connected to modem.


Phone will connect to Hub, but the Hub just wouldn't connect to modem.


I moved the Hub around the house using 3 different powerpoints until it was within 2m of modem and it still wouldn't connect to modem.  (even reset Hub by pushing pin into reset hole).  Used correct Modem password.


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Re: Smart Home Hub will not connect to WiFi

Light on hub gets to orange before it fails?


Account most likely needs to be flagged to accept the hub activation, especially if you have factory reset it. Contact smart home faults on 13 22 00

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