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Smart plug bugs

We manage  fleet of Zigbee devices as part of an ogoing product under development. One of those devices is the Telstra Smart plug (


We have noticed some bugs in the Smart plug behaviour and wondered if anyone else was aware of there or if there are any fixes from the Telstra side.


Issue 1 - Reconnection retries.
After being power cycled the smart plug tries once to reconnect to it's existing network. In the 10 minutes observed it did not retry (on failure) at all. Pressing the manual toggle button did trigger a new reconnection attempt.
In a situation where a power cycle is the result of a power outage, fluctuation or brown out the hub has also been power cycled the hub will (most likely) be slower to restart compared to the smart plug leading to it's reconnection attempt likely failing. While it may be possible for us to make allowances to allow the smart plug to rejoin before the full hub is up it would be impossible for us to offer a guarantee of this behavior (and even less guarantee able with other third party routers in the network which may reboot and become functional at any time).
The behavior expected of a Zigbee Router device in this situation is to intermittently attempt retries.
Issue 2 - Forgetting of networks
If a Telstra Smart plug is in the state indicated in Issue #1 (not connected, pending re-connect) and the power is cycled one more time it will forget the network it has been joined to. In a Zigbee 3.0 network this means that it will be unable to join unless the Zigbee Coordinator has permitted new devices to join (non-default state, insecure).
This situation is likely to be hit during brown-outs and power fluctuations (power off-on-off-on)
The behaviour we expect here would be to continue to remember it's paired network. Workarounds would likely result in a significant security limitation and vulnerability (primarily to sensor data interception)
Issue 3 - No route aging
The Telstra smart plug does not implement route / child aging - it will continue to believe it is capable of routing to any device that it has not explicitly seen leave (until the end of time). This can result in routing holes caused by a failing router in the network where router A (telstra smart plug) believes it can still route to router B to get to end device C  but router B is no more. End device C may have connected directly to a different router or the zigbee coordinator itself in the meantime.

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