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Telstra Locator app not recignising my WIFI password

Hi there,


Im trying to complete a setup of a WIFI tag (for a dog).
At the moment its at Pending Setup and to complete I need to Set up Zone, when I try it wont connect to my wi-fi network or when I try to manually connect it says the password is incorrect (it is 100% correct).


Any help on what I should be doing?



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra Locator app not recignising my WIFI password

There are a couple of things that could be causing this problem.


One reason could be due to both of the modem's WiFi networks having the same name. If this is the cause it can be fixed by disabling band steering in the modem by logging into modem (, password is Telstra), going to WiFi and in the 2.4 GHz WiFi settings disable band steering and save settings. This will result in -5G being added to the name of the modem's 5 GHz WiFi. Connect both device setting up the smart tag and the smart tag to the normal wifi.


The other reason might be due to Protected management Frames (Wi_Fi PMF) PMF can be disabled in modem's Advanced > WiFi settings.

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Re: Telstra Locator app not recignising my WIFI password

Ok, thats a lot of tech talk but I will try to go through it.


We already have two WIFIs from our Telstra modem, and one already has '-5G' at the end of it so I dont think band steering is the problem.

I also turned off band steering just to be sure but still no luck, I don't see how either of those things can effect a correct password being entered but showing up as incorrect. This doesnt happen on any other devices or programs. This is a Telstra run and owned program and device. You think if anything should work straight away and easily it should be something like this.

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