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Telstra Smart Home

I have a Telstra Smart Home kit and 24 month subscription voucher. When I chatted with the help desk staff to activate the subscription and `Smart Home Cloud & Service plan`, I am being told that Telstra Smart Home service no longer exists since 1st April 2020. 
Neither the voucher has any expiry date, I would be surprised they decided to mothball the service in 5 months of giving me the subscription voucer..

.. Nor does the Smart Home website says so.

Could some Telstra Smart Home staff help please? 

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Re: Telstra Smart Home

I got my kit and voucher on 25th Oct 2019 and as per the Telstra Help desk, Telstra Smart Home service was mothballed on 1st April 2020. Then I had just 5 months to avail my 24 month subscription and this was never broadcast or notified. Attaching my conversation on My Telstra app:

I am being told that it was only valid for 6 months.

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