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Telstra tv dropped out of internet

I just installed the Gen2 modem today, and I connected immediately to wifi, but not the internet. Waited a while it then connected. This is through my telstra TV. I was then watching Utube and the internet dropped out. I had also lost connection to the internet on my iPad at the same time. I thought there was a backup that prevented this. My old modem never did this on telstra tv.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra tv dropped out of internet

There is a 4G backup that should prevent you losing the internet but it takes about 4 minutes to detect a fault and then switch to 4G backup. The 4G backup will only work if there is good 4G coverage at your location.


What colour are the Mobile Signal, WAN / DSL and Online lights on the back of the modem.

What model modem do you have (LH1000 or DJA0231)? What type off connection do you have?

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