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Voice Activated Dialing - Google home


Recevied Multiple text messages from Legit Telstra contact over the last few weeks,  indicating there was an issue detected with my Telstra\Google Voice Activated Calling.setup and adivising to correct the issue - to UNLINK and RELINK via Google home.

I DIDNT have an issue on my end, but due to the endless SMS spam, I decided to perform, the unlink\relink - wont hurt..  so did that.


NOW -  Telstra has cut me off- the message i get from Telstra when trying to relink is that I no longer have an Eligble Telstra service (whereas I know its eligble).        CODI assitant is useless,  finally go through to call centre - got someone that has NEVER heard of Telstra\Google voice service ... couldnt help ....


Seriously.. it was a major announcement for first Carrier in Australia to get Google linked like this , was getting all this SMS Spam about being brokenb - yet no one knows how to fix it ? 

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