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What is the future of Telstra Smart Home?

The web links to the purchase devices page is broken. What is the story? Is it a defunct or soon to be defunct service?

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Re: What is the future of Telstra Smart Home?

It's pretty dead at the moment. Not selling any devices.

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Re: What is the future of Telstra Smart Home?

Email from Telstra received today: "From 16 November 2020, we will no longer be offering the Telstra Smart Home service. You will stop being billed from 8 September."

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Re: What is the future of Telstra Smart Home?

Yep, discontinued as of 15.11 it will no longer work.  Got an email from Telstra yesterday who are moving everyone over to Google Nest and providing free hardware for anything you purchased from Telstra.  My issue is I purchased three additional cameras and some PowerPoints which will no longer work. 

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Re: What is the future of Telstra Smart Home?

Ok before I start, I am not a tech brain and have only just stumbled my way through this myself. If anyone out there can value add to this thread, please do. I am going on my latest October 2020 experiences, and since they announced the decommissioning of all Telstra Smart Home Services.

As you guys will know already, the service and all devices relating to it will be decommissioned next month.
Most of the devices will be useless after this time, and Telstra will only replace a minimum of your old devices with Google Nest ones. I tried to find further assistance from the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, Consumer Protection WA and even the ACCC. None could help as the issue was "not in their wheelhouse". I just accepted the offer I was given by Telstra in the end as I was sick of trying to find help in this matter.

SAVE and USE YOUR TELSTRA OUTDOOR CAMERAS PEOPLE, don't just throw them away. The cameras I have managed to sort of jail break away from the Telstra lock down are Model OC830 or their actual name: Sercomm OC830 HD IP Camera.
ONLY ONCE YOU ARE SURE YOU ARE DONE WITH THE TELSTRA SERVICES, you can factory reset them, and then reconnect directly to your router. You must have a router with the WPS connection feature, to get this to work. Also NO GUARANTEES this will work for everyone as I have only just tried this myself, and only worked with the outdoor model camera.

So again, only once you no longer want to use the Telstra Smart Home devices or service, unplug the smart home hub, then grab your camera and hold down the square Rest/Connect button on the rear of the unit for around 15 seconds to reset it to factory settings. You know if you are successful if Power LED is flashing and the Wireless LED is solid green.

Now press the WPS button to enter connection mode on your router, then a single press on the same square button on the camera will enable them to connect directly. Once the power LED is solid green, and the wireless LED is randomly blinking, you have a connected IP Camera. Now for the software...

To actually use the camera, download the IP Camera software from, to your phone or PC. There is a free version you can use for a single PC, then shared to a phone, but you will have to pay for multiple PC's monthly. Follow the IP camera setup wizard, and you will be up and running in no time.
Just remember that you will not have the same interface or usability as you did under the Telstra service, well unless you are very computer literate and can add all the functionality by following the additional steps to get there. Adding integration for Google, Alexa and IFTTT is possible but difficult to follow even for more seasoned computer geeks. Try it at your own peril hahaha.

As a side note I will soon be using the replacement Google Nest cameras supplied by Telstra, and found the TP-Link Smart home range to be my choice after careful review. Their system all works without a hub and individually connect to your Wi-Fi and the Kasa Software interface allows IFTTT control so you can schedule and control your devices like before.

I also had Telstra Smart Home integrated into Google Home and it was causing issues with voice control, I had to unlink Telstra Smart Home from within the Google App.

Good Luck !!!

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Re: What is the future of Telstra Smart Home?

I queried today about no confirmation email, as the replacement google devices despatch date was from the 15th October.

The reply via messages-

“You're welcome. I have checked the account and unfortunately, your current device cannot be migrated or replaced to  the new Google Nest solution. Nothing to worry. You will be receiving a full refund for the devices that are no longer usable on your end. This will be done by our Back of House Team. One of their Specialist will contact you and take care of this for you.”


2 cameras 2 door/window sensors 2 smart plugs 1hub under 2 years old

Very disappointing 

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