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2 Seperate Broadband Connections



My household already has an ADSL (I think), connection through the landline copper network (we don't have NBN in my area yet), however as this is not mine to control, my usage of it is heavily limited


I'm looking at getting my own home broadband link but given the only phone line is taken, I don't have access to it. I want the ability to pack the connection up and go when I move out, and something with an unlimited data connection, so mobile broadband isn't an option.


Is this remotely possible or am I out of luck here and should just focus on upgrading the other broadband connection?

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Re: 2 Seperate Broadband Connections

You can only have one  ADSL service on one telephone service.

Telstra's mobile brodband plans finish as 100GB.

It's the only portable service.

It's miles better than anything offered today. I have used it exclusively for almost 4 years and recommend it.

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Re: 2 Seperate Broadband Connections


I figured as much that that would be the case. Because my internet usage is fairly data consuming at times, A mobile broadband connection is not really a viable option for me. I was looking at the unlimited plan with the smart modem but I guess that won't be an option either. The main reason for me wanting my seperate network is that but also when I move out, I can get it reconnected easily at my new house. 

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