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$240 Charge for NBN installation

HI there , I just received my latest bill and have discovered a $240 Technician charge for the installation of the box for the nbn. At no time did i get informed that there would be a $240 charge , To plug in two wires ,,,,, really , he was gone in under 4 minutes. My issue is that as I was not informed of the charge in any of the follow up emails leading to the installation i should not be expected to pay it. two hrs on the phone after the line dropped out twice trying to get this resolved with no help given at all. I see the forums are littered with the same complaint. I require a credit to my account as this is a charge i was certainly not expecting . Given the option I would have plugged it in myself

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Re: $240 Charge for NBN installation

Hi, I was browsing through and stumbled onto your post.

I don't like unwelcome surprises like that, but if you can bear the hassle of trawling through any paperwork (agreement to undertake service, etc. - particularly those with your signature on), you may find the installation fee buried in there. I think most places charge this installation/set up fee. Also check for a 'cooling off' period (usually 7 days) if you want to cancel.

BTW, plugging it in yourself wouldn't be a good idea - body tissue doesn't conduct very well so you probably won't get a good signalSmiley Happy

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