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240 dollar technician fee for plugging in a coaxial cable?


This isn't a complaint but having had Cable Internet installed here, I went nearly a week after self-installation on the backup smart modem and had a technician come by today and quite literally went to a secure box and plug in the coax cable underneath my flat. 

No additional work, just a reboot of system so everything reconnected. There was no need to install anything additional nor were there any repairs necessary. 

There was no way I could plug in the cable myself (the box is only unlocked by professionals) but the very simple procedure shouldn't be 240 dollars, I would think? 

Any feedback welcome.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: 240 dollar technician fee for plugging in a coaxial cable?

Hi there @Solas67

Difficult to say for sure what has occurred with this connection. Depending on the nature or parts needed, that connection fee can be applicable.

However I am more than happy to have a look into this for you, if you can send me the 1-1.. reference number, I will see if we have any options for yourself.

- Will

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