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3.5 hours on the phone and STILL no one knows if ADSL2+ is available at my address

Hi All (especially Telstra representatives),


I am beyond frustrated with Telstra in regards to my home ADSL connection.  Consumers definitely don't get the level of service or knowledge that enterprise and government receive!


I'll try to keep this as brief as possible.


Over the last 6-12 months I have been trying to find out if I can upgrade my current ADSL connection to ADSL2+.

Should be a simple enough task, right?

Initially I called several time over several months but recently the frequency of my calls has greatly increased as I seek someone knowledgeable to speak to.


I would say that I have spoken to around 15 different operators and have an even distribution of responses between;

  • ADSL2+ is certainly available to you but my system wont allow me to place an order
  • ADSL2+ is definitely not available to you regardless of ports being available
  • ADSL2+ is available to you but there are no ports available

If there were no ports available I was happy to accept that in the beginning, but none could confirm whether I can actually receive the service or not. 

To my understanding there is no reason I couldn't get the service as currently;

  • ADSL syncs at near perfect speeds
  • My exchange, RCMD, is ADSL2+ active through DSLAM, ISAM and CAN based DSLAM
  • I am only 700m LOS away from the exchange.

I finally spoke to someone who was going to put me through to a level 2 technician last night, until the phone dropped.

Then obviously I had to call back and start from the beginning, again wasting another hour going through the same circle of "you can have it, oh actually you cant have it, you better speak to my supervisor".


The problem seems to be the service availability tools used in the call centre.  One of these tools says we can have the service, while the follow-up tool says we cant.  My personal opinion is that it has something to do with the addressing of the building.  Majority of mail comes to 80 XXXXX St where as Telstra thinks the address is 78-80 XXXX St.  I have had issues with this discrepancy in the past.


In all of this confusion I am sure I have missed out on many available ports, as I have called up when Telstra wholesale reports have been released suggesting ports available, but been told that my premises can not be serviced.


Everyone just try's to get me off the phone without answering any of my questions, and no one is technical enough to tell me WHY I cant have the service at my address or WHY a different type of port than a regular DSLAM connection cant be used.


I finally got used to the better customer service profile you guys were creating for yourselves and especially the support I receive through your large enterprise and government team when dealing with matters during my day to day operations, but you need to fix this issue now, as giving me the underlying response of "I don't know" is unacceptable.


Eagerly awaiting your response.



Daniel Martin

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: 3.5 hours on the phone and STILL no one knows if ADSL2+ is available at my address

Hi Daniel,


I'm happy to do a serviceability check on your address and give you as much information as I can find. I'll be in touch shortly via private message.

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