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4 complaints unresolved

I'm very upset and angry I have lodged 4 complaints that have not been resolved or addressed. I have just bought a new house and ordered a new internet service for the house with priority assist and my internet has still not been connected after nearly a month and two nbn technician's being cancelled (without my knowledge). I have lodged 4 complaints regarding this and no one is helping, I don't know what to do. I will have to go to the ombudsman. Does anyone have any suggestions? 

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Re: 4 complaints unresolved

If you haven't done so, you can write to the CEO's local office who handle more serious complaints


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Re: 4 complaints unresolved

Unfortunately the lack of communication on NBN Co's behalf is a fairly regular occurrence. There should be a record on your account as to why the technicians did not turn up. It may be that NBN Co do not have enough infrastructure at your location to be able to connect you to the network. If that ends up being the reason, Telstra should be able to connect you using the Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 which will use the mobile network to provide you with an internet connection. It should also provide you with a home phone connection if the service has been allocated but not connected.


If you enter your address at https://nbnco.com.au what type of service does it say is available at your premises?

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Re: 4 complaints unresolved

thankyou for the link

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Level 21: Augmented

Re: 4 complaints unresolved

As a Priority Assist customer you should have been provided better service and communication.

Writing to the CEO (Andy Penn) would make him aware of failings of the support structure and the usefulness of the CrowdSupport website.

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