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40+ drop outs per day since September 2019 technition wont show

Since last year our internet has been dropping out constantly. It's started off with 1 minute dropouts that would automatically reconnect itself but this year it can take up to 5 minutes to get back online. 


We have called Telstra so many times over the past 7 months I've lost count, just trying to get the problem solved. After a few months of calls stating how turning it off and on again didnt solve the problem I finally convinced someone to send us a new router. That didnt solve anything so I ruled out that issue.


Also during most of these countless calls we've been told that our internet would be monitored and the dropouts would be recorded. Nothing has ever been followed through with these claims as a call back shows that there is no record of our internet being flagged for monitoring.


Just last night however, after 7 months of countless phone calls, hours of waiting on hold we actually got a call back and was told that over a 10 hour period they saw our internet had dropped out 40 times and they would send a technition to get it fixed. I took a day off work today and was told to expect a phone call between 8am-12pm to ask me questions about covid-19 or something so he knew it was safe to come inside. I knew all this progress was too good to be true because it is now 2:15pm and no phone call. I've currently been on hold with telstra for over an hour and spending my waiting time looking at other nbn plans because we are absolutley not getting our moneys worth with this trash service.


I've got 3 reference numbers I can provide with someone if they actually want to solve this issue. I'd like to remind you that this **bleep** has been going on for 7 MONTHS and only last night has our problem actually been looked at and confirmed an issue. If you keep logs on people's internet connection back that far, please check it if you dont believe me


So can I please get some assistance that doesnt include waiting on hold for 3 hours only to have someone tell me nothing is wrong and that they cant help me? 



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Re: 40+ drop outs per day since September 2019 technition wont show

After being on hold for 2 hours the person on the phone said they would call me back at 5pm because they needed to talk to the bill payer who wasnt home at the time. They called back at 5:30 and basically said the appointment was never booked and that they're investigating it. We've had this problem since SEPTEMBER 2019 ! What ado they even think they're investigating? This isnt the **bleep**ing zodiac killer, they have proof that it drops out over 40 times per day, case closed, send someone to fix it.


She ended up giving us the phone number to the nbn helpers and a reference number. We've also been down this road many times before. I'm currently on hold to them and I can garuntee they will say its a telstra problem and we will be back to where we started.


It would honestly be eaiser to get a new provider at this point, we've just dealt with for ages because but it has been so bad this year and with the likely possibilty that I will soon have to work from home, I need a fix NOW! And it seems like the quickest solution is to ditch Telstra. If NBN cant help I'm not **bleep**ing calling Telstra again, I'll be calling TPG

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