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4G backup service does not work on Technicolor DJA0230TLS Smart modem

I have recently moved to Telstra BigPond Cable and got the new Technicolor DJA0230TLS Router supplied to me as part of the package. I'm on a top-of-the-heap service - 100 megabit, premium, unlimited entertainment bundle thing - the full box and dice.


During a recent street power failure, the 100/5 HFC service died instantly the street power did (my house didn't - its got batteries).


And - the built in 4G backup just didn't work.


I thought it might have been due to low 4G signal strength in my house, so I've gone and sourced some 4G external antennas and added those to the unit. When I tried re-testing with those installed last night (by powering down the HFC modem attached to the smart modem, to simulate an HFC failure), the system intermittently called out on the 4G, but the whole thing is really really flakey... never actually worked in real terms.


Sometimes on the 'mobile' page on the router, the 4G shows up as if its not installed at all (and obviously doesn't work then) - literally says 'no device connected' - and the router needs a reboot to make it show up again.


Sometimes it shows up as present but says 'limited service' and doesn't work.


Sometimes it shows up properly and once I even got it to dial out and connect (first time ever). I noted that it is assigned an IPv6 address (not an IPv4 one). The connection was horrible. Pretty much dead at the IPv4 level - 20-50 second ping times, lots of packet loss on those pings, and web page access simply did not work.


This clearly isn't working right - the question is - how does one go about getting it fixed up so that it does?


I am a bit afeared of reporting it via Telstra support because I'm going to get told to try all the usual things I've tried already 


(p.s. I founded a national ISP so I'm really not kidding when I say I tried all the usual things)


See the images attached for some examples of the various modes the router moves itself through over time - for no apparent reason.


[ yes, I've tried the internal vs external vs auto setting for the antenna since I added the external ones. Didn't appreciably help, other than marking the first time the thing could dial out at all ]


The page does show 5 bars of 4G strength, strangely - all the time...


Any firmware updates available for these things? It says its running 17.2.0320-820-RA and there's no obvious way to look for updates (and/or maybe none are available).


Any help appreciated.


 Some screen shots...


What I usually see (sometimes not even that)What I saw with the external antenna but only sometimesThe network link appear to be IPv6 (!) but it really doesn't work.


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Re: 4G backup service does not work on Technicolor DJA0230TLS Smart modem

17.2.0320-820-RA is the latest firmware for your modem. If you want to see what the backup looks like in the normal state see 25 of document linked below.

When you used the external antennas did you select external antenna in the modem. In the past people have had problems leaving antennae selection on auto with external antennae and when using one antenna the got better results using back antenna socket.
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Re: 4G backup service does not work on Technicolor DJA0230TLS Smart modem

Hi there.

Yes, I have tried selecting external to use the external antennas. I've had a confusing outcome, which is twofold:

- External is showing a worse RSSI than internal
- Having then gone back to internal (both directly and via using 'auto' to let the device make the choice), now when I try the backup... its working.

Not quite sure what I've done right, but - what the heck.

I'm only getting about 3Mb/s down (vs the 6 I believe its supposed to offer), but its now working sensibly (i.e. round trip time is rational, two digit milliseconds instead of 20-50 seconds).

At this point I'm going to declare that I've held my tongue to the left for long enough to cause magic to happen - at least unless it stops working again... with thanks for your helpful thoughts.
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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: 4G backup service does not work on Technicolor DJA0230TLS Smart modem

Looked to be a bit of a software glitch that was solved by a proverbial 'kick up the backside'

Keep an eye on it though at it may be a faulty SIM or LTE chip


RE 3mbps: What are the signal stats at now and what colour is the signal/backup light? (posting a screenshot of the diagnostics paged again would probably be easier)

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Re: 4G backup service does not work on Technicolor DJA0230TLS Smart modem

A few months back a person with similar bad 4G reception was able to fix the problem by switching from auto to internal and then back to external area. They theorized that in bad 4 G reception areas if the antennae is left on auto it keeps switching between external and internal trying to find a better signal. Once working on Internal they switched to external and got a better signal.

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