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5G Home Broadband - I want access

I see 5G home broadband seems to still be invite only. Does anyone from Telstra read here? I've got 2-3 5G towers within 1.5km but still not eligible.


I'm desperate to get connected, currently on FTTN with a line length of over 1km and losing my mind over the drop outs. Want to play a game? Drop out. Want to stream a TV show? drop out.


Anyone know who to ask? I've tried chat a few times but kept getting told to go mobile broadband, except 250gb isn't really enough.



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: 5G Home Broadband - I want access

It's only being rolled out in a few select areas at the moment. Unfortunately you'll have to wait until the service goes mainstream. There is no way of contacting the people who are running the trial.

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