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A comment on Telstra's support app

My issue with Telstra and the new way to communicate is just that it's a very poor system.

Telstra is an engineering driven company. I worked there for 4 years or so, its customer focus is on providing top class engineering solutions, driven by clear targets which are easily measurable.


In the real world dealing with people isn't that straight forward. a=b+c doesn't work for complex dealings with human beings. KPI's are easily measured for uncomplex issues.


So with Covid, a new system of interacting with Telstra, a communications company, has been implemented, but someone forgot that simple "if, then" solutions don't work, especially when those you interact with dont understand the rules by which they have been developed.


My recent interaction with the app you have set up highlights the issues.

Great design if you know how it works, but like many customers I have no idea how to interact with it.


It starts with the navigation to the help section, I had to use my web browser on my computer to follow the steps to open this on the app on my phone. Why isnt it clear in the app itself. Your team admits this by having to have steps in the browser to walk people through.


In itself not that big an issue, but things get worse.


After numerous attempts to find my answer from Codi, over number of attempts over number of days, where I got referred to a web page, that referred me back to the app, somehow I blundered into getting real person on the app.


I then gave them details about the issue. Trying to be brief and precise, which was hard, but the message got through. The CSR thanked me and said they will look into it, telling me they would check into it.


Ok so I waited, and waited and waited. 3 hours later I asked for "any news" another 3 hours later I got a message to enter a 6 digit security number, (where? In the app I guessed).  


Again no immediatre response. it's a further 2 hours later. In the meantime I wondered if I did the right thing, was it in the app or elsewhere?


Keeping it short (There's a lot more of the same) , the issue is NO one tells me what the process is, that send a message, its read, and then expect delays on responses back.


At my end I am wondering, did the system disconnect me like happens on the phone?, do I restart? will they call me?


I now understand (through experience) that the stuff remains in the app, but this is never explained beforehand. (although I have no idea how to save the communication, other than taking screenshot page by page of the discussion)


Sure its probably going to take time, I can accept that, but why not a simple "we will get back to you by texting you to reopen the app when we are ready to talk again" Takes away the anguish.


And why not an interface to the same via the computer? For older people typing is slow, on a phone its even worse. Maybe there is a computer way of communicating, but its not clear and everything refers back to using the app.


You're a communications company its your business and you communicate like the world still uses command like instructions. Move on get rid of DOS and use windows or gestures like interfaces and instructions for dummies like customers.

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Re: A comment on Telstra's support app



I have had to contact Telstra again I entered my new details into the app heres what has happened.


1. My old discussions are still there - guess that answers the issue I had with saving my history as its stored in the app.

2. This time I have to wait again but the system sent a message 


"As I get a member of our team, you can go about your day. They'll have the conversation history and you'll get a notification once they've replied"


A lot better thank you!!

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Re: A comment on Telstra's support app

Hi @crankypuss 

I don't work for Telstra but found your grievances quite familiar.

I to agree with the problems you shared.

Maybe you would like to tell Andy (CEO of Telstra) rather than your post being only read by Telstra customers or Telstra staff un able to pass on your experience.



I don't work for Telstra, Never have, I am just a Telstra customer like you.
So the advice I give is my own, In my own time, Guided by my own experience/knowledge.
Which I am always happy to be corrected on.

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