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Activating Speed Boost

Within my account I keep clicking on 'Add' to enable speed boost but nothing ends up happening. Have been doing this for about a week. Is there another way to enable this?


I'm on velocity and on FTTH (not NBN).


Really just wanted to see if I noticed much of a difference while working from home.

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Re: Activating Speed Boost

Ooooh, here's a bit of personal experience. It's all a very simple 11 step process. Here's what you need to do:


First, ring Telstra. They will say it's not available.

Second, try enabling it on the website. It will enable, but it will revert randomly. At some point, it'll also show up on the bill but the Telstra Velocity team will refuse to process it without telling anyone.

Third, ring Telstra. They will say it's not available again.

Fourth, file a complaint with Telstra.

Fifth, ring Telstra again. This time insist that you don't need the speedboost for the download speed but only the upload speed because you work from home. You'll find that a 1 Mbps upload speed doesn't meet the definition of "broadband", but anyway. They will hit the Velocity team over the head.

Sixth, ring Telstra again. At this point you will find that Telstra cannot activate your speedboost and/or static IP unless you get a modem delivered from them. It doesn't have anything to do with the modem, it's only so their backend system can properly activate the account for purposes of having the modem.

Seventh, a week later ring Telstra again. You will find that the modem they have to send out is on backorder and it'll take at least three weeks. You will note that there's plenty in stock at Telstra Stores all around you, but it needs to be the specific modem that they send you. Not, again, for anything to do with the modem but to have the delivery receipt processed in Telstra's backend system.

Eighth, the modem is still on backorder for three weeks? File a TIO complaint.

Ninth, call Telstra three times in the middle each time pretending to have received a box. If you're lucky they'll just override the hold. If not, like I was, they won't.

Tenth, a month later the modem will finally arrive. Sign for the package, throw it in the bin. Restart the router you've been using in the meantime and enjoy your faster speeds. Congratulations, you now have upload speeds of up to 5 Mbps, only 8 times slower than what the NBN will do you instead of 40.

Eleventh, call Telstra and try to get a refund for the time you spent having a speed boost and/or static IP without them having activated it and possibly some future credit for the inconvenience.


Note that each time you ring Telstra you'll need to roll a die, and try not to ring the Velocity team and their number first, they'll just sit on it. In calling the main Telstra number, roll a die each time, if it comes up 1 to 3 you'll need to pretend to be an ADSL customer, if it's 4 to 6 you'll need to pretend it's a cable connection.

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Re: Activating Speed Boost

Also, offering to pay for a better modem that is in stock to be thrown in the bin immediately on receipt will not work as Telstra will say they just can't process an upgrade.


Also, the response to the TIO complaint by Telstra will contain at least three factual mistakes, make sure you get back to the TIO for corrections asap on those.

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Re: Activating Speed Boost

At some point, probably 1.5 months in, you'll want to email the executive customer contact team. They'll go on about business connections which you have to point out to them aren't available on Telstra Velocity. They'll also want to get speed tests, but that's a trap. Because you're seeing 1.5 Mbps at times, they will tell you that the speed boost has been applied, despite the download speed still being only a hair above 30 Mbps.


Anyway, just keep ringing, the longer you get into the process the more you'll want to start hitting the Velocity backend team (not the front-end one) via the general support end. Eventually you'll hit the one person with the ability to reprogram your line - but you need to make sure you've hit all of the above points first in order to be able to find them and then have them do that.


Note also that this was the procedure when I went through it, it may have changed since. Other possibly relevant points to getting your speed boost activated and helping document getting more than 1 Mbps upstroam on an FTTH network in 2020 include the shadow cabinet, local MPs (mine was useless) and the ACCC, together with Whirlpool for further info and this crowd support website.

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Re: Activating Speed Boost

And one strategy I hadn't gone with at the time is that Telstra sells Velocity as a "broadband" service. There's essentially two definitions for broadband. One is by how fast it is, one is by how it works. The first one is covered by the ITU in I.113 and in Australia's case means a symmetric 2.048 Mbps, which Velocity without the speedboost doesn't meet - ADSL with Annex M or over short distances does meet that requirement. The second one is that it needs to use multiple different frequencies across a frequency band to carry information, which Velocity doesn't meet either - any ADSL connection does however. Basically Telstra can sell Velocity as a broadband service without getting into trouble from the ACCC by offering the speed boost as otherwise it's not a broadband service by either of the two definitions. Good luck with that, I didn't need it but it might have sped things up.

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Re: Activating Speed Boost

And once you've undergone this three month process you will no longer have to enjoy only, on this less than a decade old FTTH service by one of the biggest telcos in the world in one of the most prosperous nations, the same upstream speeds that are typical for fixed broadband users in Venezuela or Yemen.


No, siree bob, you'll be rewarded after your three months of struggling with upload speeds that are almost as fast as those in Syria or Cuba! Hey Telstra, if you could kindly up Velocity upload speeds all the way to Syrian levels it would already mark a significant improvement 🙂

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