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Additional Onsite Service & Materials


I've just looked at my bill and I've been charged $80 for Additional Onsite Service & Materials. I recently changed to NBN and my line kept dropping out. Telstra eventually sent an NBN technician to investigate and he found a fault in the street. He informed me that four of my neighbours had been having drop out problems too. He said NBN had detected multiple drop outs over the past 30 days. He said the tap and cable connector at the two junctions to the four houses were old and corroded and he replaced them. 


Why am I being charged for a problem that is essentially Telstra's?




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Re: Additional Onsite Service & Materials

If the dropouts were due to corroded taps in the street cabling the responsibility is NBNs and you should not of be charged. I suggest you contact Telstra billing and dispute the charges. Best way to contact Telstra is to use the messaging function in the get help section of the my Telstra app.


You can also query your bill using Query bill link on this page.


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Re: Additional Onsite Service & Materials

Ok, I called Telstra today and they confirmed that a mistake had been made and credited me the $80. Since moving to the NBN the line had dropped out on numerous occasions over a three week period (due to a corroded tap and cable connector at the Telstra pit on the street, which I was wrongly charged $80 for). I mentioned it today and said I shouldn't have to pay for the times the service wasn't working. They agreed and credited me $75.60 ($3.60 x 21 days), which I felt was decent.


Although Telstra provide shocking customer service, i.e. it's mostly online (what about seniors or disabled people?), very few humans to talk to, extremely difficult to make a complaint - then they don't get back to you, they have at least done the right thing today.  



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