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ADSL 2 Internet at super slow speeds

Hi, Ever since we got telstra/bigpond internet about 1-2 years ago all we have had is the worst experience of our lives. We pay over-priced amounts per month for something we dont even recieve.

Firstly The internet, We pay for ADSL 2 + Over 5mbs What do we get? Adverage speed of 60kbs and max 100kbs.

Nextly Random internet dropouts DAILY, Yes every 1-5 hours we will have a minor or major internet dropout.


We called up support about 4 times to fix it, Yet we get a ton of telstra crap and told "100 Kbs max speed isnt normal"

They said they would send a technician last week, guess what knowing telstra HE NEVER CAME!

Being heavy internet users if this problem isnt solved I and all my friends are leaving telstra as many of them are recieving the same experience.


We used to have dodo which is a cheap company providing bad internet, Yet it still went fast and more reliable than this. Do you know how stressful it is doing a transaction and the internet cuts out? After going through many Dopey customer support on the phone being told either nothing wrong or lying about sending a  technician?


Oh yep, Once i was even told if i turned the internet off and on it would get better. BY A TELSTRA technician over the phone

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: ADSL 2 Internet at super slow speeds

Hi Rhaptic 


That's disappointing to hear, when techs cant make it for a commitment/appointment they inform the customer with a text message and our tech support team can also follow up with them. Apologies that didn't happen in your case. Anyhow so we can narrow down the fault and eliminate the likelihood of a faulty equipment it would be best to start troubleshooting with an Isolation test, details here: http://goo.gl/fTXVZ


Apart from an Isolation test we also suggest customers try different line profiles. This link: http://goo.gl/3wCt3V provides information on how it works and how customers can manage it.  This is mainly used for customers experiencing disconnections, however in some cases can also improve speed if the issue is caused by packet loss.

If you are connected to your modem via WiFi, then this is also an area where speed can be lost. This WiFi Troubleshooting link may be helpful:   http://goo.gl/eZWnj
Let us know how you go with the above and if no joy we'll work on an alternative course of action.

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