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ADSL 2+ Internet Slow



I live in Woree,Cairns,QLD I just recently purchased the $115 bundle with foxtel,100gb,tbox etc.

I came home today to find my connection order had been put through and connected up the internet which was all good,now i decided to speedtest the internet as i (Game alot and like to download movies) and to my disbelief my connection came up as (0.92mbps down and 0.27mbps up) ,which is not what i was expecting at all considering i purchased adsl2+ and was told by the telstra salesperson that my area was compatible for that service,now i know that living so far from my exchange and where you live and what kind of lines you have affects your speed.

Now i checked how far away im from my exchange and its approx 2.66km and im within the exchange boundrie and my speeds being between (1.5mbps-5.5mbps down),also i called telstra and they ran line tests and said there was no jitter or anything, so they reffered me too a level two tech and he told me that there would be a tech going out to the exchange on tuesday next week to check out the exchange,ports and so fourth.

im just wondering would anyone have any info to why my speed is so slow and if it would be a problem on my end,also i find it ridiculous that im paying $115pm and im at these speeds and i dont want to incur any big fees to increase my speed,cause i was told i would get adsl2+ speeds.......


any info is appreciated thanks!

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Re: ADSL 2+ Internet Slow

Can anyone help me out??


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Re: ADSL 2+ Internet Slow

I have the same problems!! PLEASE SOMEONE!! Help?!?!?

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Re: ADSL 2+ Internet Slow

Why is this ticked as "Solved"
Has it been solved? There's nothing shown in the "Solved link" its still very slow here as well, same bundle deal, interested in comments
Cheers blax1

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Re: ADSL 2+ Internet Slow

Well i've never got more than 0.2 megabytes per sec with ADSL, so i changed to ADSL2 and yesterday i was getting down as low as0.012 meg/sec. You read that right 12 kilobytes per second. I phoned Telstra and there was the usual waffle-- maybe too many computers in use ( just one) maybe wireless modem too far from the computer (6m), maybe an area fault--ah, yes, there is a fault in your area. Expect it to be fixed in 24 hrs and we'll send you a message. Well 24 hrs has come and gone and no message and very slow internet. You guys getting 1+ meg/sec don't know how lucky you are! BTW i live in one of the northern suburbs of Sydney, so it's not a country thing.
Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: ADSL 2+ Internet Slow

Hi garycourtney1 (and Magicniko),


Happy to help here, though I admit I'm not a trained technician - did a tech head down to the exchange a few days after you originally posted, as promised?  


Distance from the exchange is one thing that can have an impact on speeds, but not the only thing - the number of users connected to the exchange is another important factor.  I would clarify that you don't pay any more or less for ADSL1 vs ADSL2+ with us, so you're not paying more for higher speeds you're not receiving, nor would you need to pay more to boost them - but if speeds have continued to remain at the level you've quoted above, we can certainly have one of our specialised social media tech team members have a look at things for you to see if these speeds can be improved upon.


- Justin

Telstra Social Media Team

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