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ADSL bundle delays



I ordered an ADSL2 bundle in early/mid January. My address required a technician to install the PSTN. That was put back from the 1st feb to the 12th feb which was quite frustrating as i rely on internet for work and study, ALOT! Finally on the 12th technician arrived and did his job as expected and the home phone was all working.


From here I was told that by the very latest, my internet would be up and running by the 19th feb. I noticed on the 15th Feb my order status had changed from “In Progress” to “Delayed”.


Numerous times I would get on Telstra Live Chat to check on this and I was ensured that activation will still happen on the 19th and the “Delayed” status didn’t change the fact it will still be the 19th.


I also asked multiple times on chat why I haven’t received the self-install kit and they insisted it would arrive in time.


It is now the 19th, I have no self-install kit, the internet is not activated and I have been told I can only get ADSL 1 for the same price and it will be about 5 working days to receive the modem.


This is unacceptable. I better not be getting charged for this as the main part of the bundle hasn’t arrived and isn’t working.


Many times I was told ADSL2 was not available in my area and then they said it definitely is so I signed up. It obviously isn’t.


Why did all the Telstra staff continue to tell me my order is on track when it wasn’t? I could tell by the delayed status on my order but they couldn’t tell me?


I depend on this internet access. Why can’t it get activated and I use a spare Technicolor modem from my friends?


I like the Telstra performance but absolutely HATE the service. I have been waiting over a month for something I was told will take 2-3weeks max. And now its been put back another week.


My parents had a very similar story. It took them over a month to get internet even though all they needed to change the line codes for Telstra.


Please can anyone assist me with this? It has been way too long and unacceptable. I need to get it done ASAP? My study is completely dependent on this. I knew it would be a few weeks, but not over a month!



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Re: ADSL bundle delays

Hi zaxktrey & Welcome to Crowdsupport,

Thanks for your post.

Apologies for the delay in getting your ADSL connected, if your modem hasn't arrived by the stated time of activation, you can use another modem to connect up your service by contacting Bigpond Activations on 137663, if you haven't already connected your service, please do this.

In terms of getting ADSL over ADSL 2+ we charge the same for both these speeds on all our Bigpond services.

Without knowing your address it is hard to tell why ADSL 2+ wasn't available to connect up for you, although it's likely that there were no ports available at this stage. To confirm the reasons behind this you can chat to Bigpond on 137663.


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Re: ADSL bundle delays

Thanks but I've already spoke to people and the cancellation is in process. The way my order was handled is very very frustrating. It was over a month to get told adsl is not available when I mentioned a lack of ports in my area from the very start. There has to be a way to find out before you guys are sending out techs to our house and ensuring it will be activated on time when it wasn't. I knew it wouldn't be. It's just something to expect when dealing with telstra. It is not worth the hassel talk with you guys. I was told repeatedly everything will be activated on time etc. which was not the case. I was so clsoe to reporting this whole event.


Thanks anyways

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