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ADSL connection Frustration

Hi Guys,


I have been trying to connect ADSL at my place since last many days. I spoke to the different ISP last month but they all rejected my application stating the different reason like ADSL is not available in your area, ports are not available. Then I was advised to get the phone line with Telstra and I did that. After that again I called to the ISP then again they told me the same stories. I was frustruated then I thought to take a chance with Telstra Big Pond. I range them last week they mentioned that it may be available in your area however we would let you know the exact situation after few days. So I thought to call to Telstra shop to find out the situation in my area and the sales consultant did the detailed investigation for me and said yes ADSL is defiitely available at your address. But I was so disappointed when i came to know this morning that my order would be held for 3 months as ADSL is not available in my area. I am really really confused now and do not know where exactly to go and speak. The worst thing is  when i speak to customer service everytime i get different answers. I am not satisfied with that. If any one would be able to help me out I would really appreciate it please. Thanks.

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Re: ADSL connection Frustration

Good morning, I'm not a Telstra employee.      

I can certainly appreciate your frustration.


I have no idea whether the Telstra store may possibly ????   have taken your order on the basis they made a genuine mistake ????

Many of the stores are not corporately owned.

I think you should be having a  talk with the senior store manager whose staff menber  signed you up on that assurance.


Your best chance is to ring Big Pond sales each and  every single day, as you only need one single cancellation from another customer  to get a port, and I certainly would not wait for a phone call.  I would even ring twice a day if you want it that much, as it's the "luck of the draw"


I know it sounds a nuisance to do it, but all you need is just one person to be moving or cancelling their service for you to be successful.


So ringing Big Pond directly,  at least once a day is your best chance, as I repeat you only need to ring just after one person has cancelled to obtain a port.


You will also need to decide if you wish to stay committed to the store where you signed up, as you say you did on the basis they promised you an immediate connection.


I hope that is of some guidance.


Kind regards

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I'm not a Telstra employee.
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Re: ADSL connection Frustration

Hi. Thanks for your reply. but I camse to know from telstra that there is a pair gain issues in my phone line it means I am able to connect only phone line in my unit not internet. As per telstra they are obliged to provide only certain amount of internet adslline in a particular area. I really can't believe these things. its really injustice to the people. anybody have idea what could be done in this scenario?
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Re: ADSL connection Frustration

If your order is being held then it's most likely a lack of ports that is the issue. The hold the order open in the hope that over time someone else will disconnect and free up a port that you can be plugged into.

When you talk about pair gain, it may be that you are connected to a RIM/Roadside Cabinet. These are much more limited in the space (so ports) than a traditional exchange.
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