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ADSL connection Frustration

Hello all - we recently changed to a new bundle to double our data allowance on an ADSL 2 service . Previously we had no issues with streaming of Internet or speed in general, occasional rate limiting at the end of the month when we exceeded our data limit. Since changing to the " new bundle" our service has been crap to say the least.  


We lost service all together and faults said they were doing maintenance work on the local exchange ( unannounced) and service be out for two days. 


Since the service was restored we now seem to have a crackle and buzzing on the landline - called faults again because the Internet service is not working very well and they assure us that there is no line fault.?


our internet service is so degraded that we get constant buffering on streaming services and can only just manage medium definition on films or series. It feels like the service of whatever they have done is seriously oversubscribed and we feel like we. Are being permanently rate limited. Not happy at all.


my question - if the Telstra techs insist that there is no fault - where do I go to resolve the issues??

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Re: ADSL connection Frustration

We recently moved to an apartment and were told that Telstra were the only ISP available.  Purchased the large bundle, run a business from home and our internet connection drops out every day!! Bigpond movies start to download and time out - it's pathetic!  Previously Optus customers for several years, and I thought we hated them!  Wow - Telstra takes frustration to a whole new level! Can't even bring myself to contact them to complain, as my blood pressure can't take it, lol!!!

Empathy and platitudes I don't need, solutions and service are what's required.  


Support Team
Support Team

Re: ADSL connection Frustration

Hi E_G,

You can check for known issues online here & problem solve here

If that's no help, please chat with our tech support team via the following secure chat service

Let me know how you go 


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