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ADSL connection worse than Dial-Up

I have to write this before my head explodes with frustration.

Back in April our home was affected during the storms in Newcastle and we were without power for over three days. During that time I only had access to my mobile to obtain storm updates etc hence my data usage soared and I’ve been hit with a hefty fee for doing so.


Since the storm hit, we have had nothing but intermittent service on the home line. The home phone was suffering from severe static and ADSL was a little hit & miss. I STILL have to rely on my mobile for browsing and running up a hefty data bill for doing so.


In the last few weeks I have phoned the team on several occasions as I’ve been directed to the Philippines for troubleshooting. I feel sorry for the operators as my complaints are exactly the same and the responses are exactly the same. The problems remain the same with the exception that Telstra have now provided us with a temporary mobile phone for calls to and from the house. This however, does not help with my ADSL.


Apparently there is an issue at the exchange and there are approximately 100 homes affected. Now that was a few weeks ago and there is still the same issue. A technician will arrive on the 20th May (that was the earliest appointment) to check on our home connection. My question is then, if there is an issue at the exchange when on earth will that be fixed? By the time the technician actually arrives on the 20th it’ll be approximately 4 weeks of essential no service.


My modem will connect occasionally for longer than 10 minutes but the speed is far worse than dial up use to be 😕  Currently my service will usually connect and disconnected repeatedly with occasional bouts of 5 - 10 minutes worth of connection. This has been happening for weeks. Is there ANY way of prioritising the repairs for the 100 or so home affected? Surely it doesn’t take weeks to repair 100 lines?


Apologies for the grumbling tone of this post but I’ve gotten so frustrated (and needing to vent) as I have to do a lot of online work and without this ADSL, my online work is drying up and non existent.


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Re: ADSL connection worse than Dial-Up

Hello, you can ring Telstra on 132200 and say "complaint"

That will take you to a higher level of customer care.

They may be able to speed up the process or comeup with some other solution


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Re: ADSL connection worse than Dial-Up

Not sure how this will help. I've already called 4 times about this with the same responses each time Smiley Mad


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Re: ADSL connection worse than Dial-Up

Until the government passes legislation that providing broadband to people is an essential service, which in my opinion it it definitely is, then Telstra or any other company will not take it upon themselves to deliver this service, even though it has surpassed the basic phone line as a much more required household necessity, the law has not caught up with this fact. I'm in the process of trying to find an MP with the guts to try and take this to parliment. Perhaps not until after the NBN rollout would such a thing be possible to enact but it really should be in this day and age.

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