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ADSl lights

My telestra have similar problem as the one below. I have contacted telestra and all they say is a case manager will contact me and she has tried to contact me but we have not manage to talk . what iam wondering is i have explain the problem if they a solution why can they sort out online or remotely or guide me through an email. It is sickening 2weeks without internet ANY help over there will be appreciated.

Very slow sometimes only 1.0 mbps. Technical dept have no idea why and tried resetting from their end as well as getting me to turn of from my end. Has anyone else had this issue . The front light is green. The back lights are all solid green except for the Wan/DSL light which is no longer lit green. As mentioned before the new Telstra smart modem gen 2 was all good ford 1 year and running okay until last 3weeks. 1st photo was when adsl was working. 2nd photo is how we are connected since Thursday afternoon.


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Re: ADSl lights

The WAN / DSL light being off indicates there is a fault in the ADSL link probably a faulty termination in the street cabling. This can only be fixed by Telstra sending out a Technician to investigate and fix. The only thing you could do is check the cable from the modem's DSL port to phone socket is connected correctly. If you have more than one phone wall socket try another phone socket and with nothing pluged into any spare phone sockets. You could also try disconnecting ADSL splitter filter and connecting modem directly to phone socket.


Because the ADSL link is faulty modem has switched to 4G backup indicated by Wireless mode light turning green. The front light should also have turned blue. In 4G backup speed is 25/3 but gets throttled to 256 kbps if used for extended period of time. The throttling can be removed by Telstra support while waiting for fault to be fixed. 

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