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ADSL major issue

I've been having a major ongoing issue with my ADSL 2+
The internet slows down to 24kbps unless I reset Chanel width from 20mhz to 20/40mhz
After doing this is works fine for 5minutes to and hour

I've tried connecting Ethernet, resetting the modem, using a new DNS server and everything and the only solution that I've found is to frequently refresh the WiFi channel width which is odd because it doesn't work on Ethernet

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Re: ADSL major issue

Good morning,

I must say you are really very exceptionally lucky to get 24mb/s regardless.


I would be interested in what speed you get before it returns to 24 mb/s

As you are trying to use this outside the normal spec, the system is probably defaulting to the required settings.

As your procedure is quite unusual, you may want to relate this on the specialist modem forum of where some high level tech ideas are discussed.

Best wishes

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Re: ADSL major issue

"I must say you are really very exceptionally lucky to get 24mb/s regardless."


I don't think he is getting 24mb/s  in fact he doesn't even say that if you read his post above.

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