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Adsl not working 4510 qld

My adsl slow for the past few weeks and now not working. My 4g on my mobile is faster.whats going on?

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Re: Adsl not working 4510 qld

My ADSL not working properly since Telstra maintenance scheduled for 20-21 April. Supposed to be fast speed but spends more time buffering and connecting than watching. Only company I know where after maintenance means the service is a thousand times slower than before! I note that Stirling 5152 NBN is supposed to be up and running. My phone was only just fixed after off and on for months. Telstra continual denial, insisting it was my phone, computer or my browser until I insisted I am not paying the bill. Telstra's universe is caving in with the mess of the new NBN network. Have been a loyal Telstra customer for 18 years but I think this will be my last.
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Re: Adsl not working 4510 qld

If you are experiencing issues the first place you want to check is servicestatus.telstra.com to make sure there aren't any issues in your area.

Have you performed an isolation test?

Are you able to post your modem stats at all? Sync speed, attenuation, SnR.

Is there any static/noise on your line when you lift the handset?
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