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ADSL Outage

The ADSL service to my house was damaged due to NBN installation work and won't be restored until the end of July. As a result, I have to use the cellular function on my Smart Modem for a connection. With 3 people working from home, the cellular allowance doesn't last long and it gets shaped to an unusable speed. To get the cellular allowance recharged, I have to go through the endless online dance with Telstra via text message that can take hours, and I have to repeat the whole thing 24 hours later. Telstra say that there is a maximum data allowance they can allocate to a Smart Modem. Is this true? It is so time consuming and frustrating having to constantly go through this, and any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: ADSL Outage

Yes, that's true unfortunately. They can reset the quota, but they can't increase it. To run through it every day means that you are using quite a bit of data. I would suggest limiting video usage and turning down quality settings on any streaming apps that you are using.

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: ADSL Outage

There is a limit on the 4G backup but were there is a known fault that will take a long time to repair there is  a system in place to limit the number of times you need to contact support to remove the 4G backup throttling. It is appears that something has gone wrong in your case. Next time you have to co tact support to have throttling removed removed request why throttling is disabled for the duration of the fault.

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