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ADSL Phone line connection and check

My fiancee and I would like to get Telstra ADSL but we haven't had a landline in our rental property for four years. What do we need to do to ensure the line works and is ADSL capable? Also, what would the costs be?



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Re: ADSL Phone line connection and check

You would only need to speak to someone either over the phone or in a Telstra Store who could perform an ESQ search (basically a search which tells us what services are available at your address) and more often than not you should be fine to get ADSL internet.

Sometimes, these searches return with 'maybe available' for ADSL services which just means that you can still request the services, and a technician will check the exchange to ensure the right ports are there for your home. It might all sound a bit technical, but there's nothing you'd need to do other than to speak to someone to get the ball rolling.

In terms of costs, the cost of a new ADSL connection is $59 but depending on whether or not you've had services with Telstra before, you may be eligible for the $50 welcome credit for new ADSL and PSTN customers.

The only other fee to be aware of is the connection fee for the actual landline (as all internet services require an active landline) and the fee can vary from $120-$299 depending on how long it's been since you've had a landline connected. To the best of my knowledge, anytime over 6 months incurs a $150 fee. You'd need to have that clarified though.

Then, you'd simply need to choose what broadband package you'd like to go on. There are three options;

- $73/month for 50GB
- $93/month for 200GB
- $113/month for 500GB

With all of these plans, any home phone used at the address (since you need to have an active landline) incurs extra charges for all calls made (local, STD and international/mobile).

Speak to someone in store or over the phone and have a chat, they'd be more than happy to help you out, and hopefully I've given you a good starting block for your future services! 🙂
All comments made by myself are my own opinion and are not necessarily on behalf of Telstra or its affiliates.

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