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ADSL Speed and Congestion Issues

Hi All,


I live in Wishart 4122 (about 12km from CBD), about 500m from a RIM on the Upper Mount Gravatt exchange.  I run my own business at UMG on ADSL2 and do quite a large amount of work at home,  I need to remote into my servers and experience slow speeds during peak times, I am normally working between 8-11pm each night. and it idrives me batty some nights.  I telstra tech has already inspected the RIM and also my house lines and commented that congestion is the issue.


So a few questions if anyone has any thoughts

- Does anyone know if there are minimum standards that customers can expect from telstra?

- Is there any fair use policy if other users are loading up the RIM?


My speeds over the last hour 8-9pm are typical of many nights, where the speed does not increase until around 11pm like clockwork.  I get up to 6 Mbps around 1am onwards but my work life balance really suffers if I save my work until then.  Copied here are tonights speedtest results over the last hour.


  11/26/2014 10:52 AM GMT1.120.163.942.10 Mb/s0.78 Mb/s35 ms 
  11/26/2014 10:51 AM GMT1.120.163.943.18 Mb/s0.78 Mb/s36 msBrisbane  
  11/26/2014 10:28 AM GMT1.120.163.941.15 Mb/s0.78 Mb/s53 msBrisbane  
  11/26/2014 10:27 AM GMT1.120.163.941.44 Mb/s0.77 Mb/s198 msBrisbane  
  11/26/2014 10:25 AM GMT1.120.163.941.41 Mb/s0.73 Mb/s44 msBrisbane  
  11/26/2014 10:24 AM GMT1.120.163.941.10 Mb/s0.77 Mb/s51 msBrisbane  
  11/26/2014 10:22 AM GMT1.120.163.940.99 Mb/s0.74 Mb/s60 msBrisbane  
  11/26/2014 10:21 AM GMT1.120.163.940.90 Mb/s0.70 Mb/s57 msBrisbane  
  11/26/2014 10:09 AM GMT1.120.163.940.80 Mb/s0.51 Mb/s432 msBrisbane  
   11/26/2014 10:03 AM GMT1.120.163.940.35 Mb/s0.04 Mb/s311 ms




ADSL is my only option, there is no cable or ADSL2 options.  For $70/mth I find it difficult to swallow living in a Capital City that internet should be so poor.  I am happy with anything around 2Mbps with a ping under 50 as that is very workable but I rarely get that during peak times.


Any suggestions that doesn't involve me moving house?  Stamp Duty is really expensive.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: ADSL Speed and Congestion Issues

Hi TurtleNet


In regards to congestion we are regularly upgrading ADSL exchanges and the list of those with planned upgrades is updated regularly as the DSLAMs are added to the list or the work completed.  


You can check to see if your DSLAM is listed by going to the following web page http://telstrawholesale.com.au/products/broadband/adsl/adsl-reports-plans/index.htm, at the bottom of the page is a link DSLAM Backhaul Relief which if you click will download a spreadsheet with the details.


Please note: Your exchange/DSLAM may be located in a different suburb to where your service is located. If you would like to confirm the ID of your DSLAM then please contact Tech Support on 133 933 or via https://livechat.telstra.com/ so that they can access your account and confirm.


- Ben

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