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How do I get in contact with a human to sort my adsl speed issues all the phone numbers I can find give me a recording and then send me a msg then hang up, so frustrating dealing with this company 10/10 would not recommend 

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Re: Adsl

My service has wrongly disconnected mobile  04xx xxx xxx data
my bill has been paid in full

I had a dispute on Unlimited Internet $90.00
which never got connected on time

your team member on msg service took a whole day to resolve it

and ensured me it will be credited

I got a phone call from your credit department they checked and said the same
and I paid the balance

they told me there will no disconnection

I still got disconnected

please can you look into this or I have to cancel my service

this service is used in our business it is very important and urgent

please can you look into it straight away and connect the service

and reverse all charges as above and related

Sunny Gogia
<edited for privacy>
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Re: Adsl

u cant talk to no one keep sending messages in air

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Re: Adsl

Telstra have **bleep** IT they have on that took human support out without even checking .So we all sending msgs in air hopefully any one reads

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Re: Adsl

Hi @Fffggggyhjji @arpelle 

You could try this number.

Telstra Tech Support 1800 007 391

However @arpelle 

If you are a Business customer you should visit your local Telstra Business center.

Telstra can't fix your problem through crowd support, I'm 99% sure.

I don't work for Telstra, Never have, I am just a Telstra customer like you.
So the advice I give is my own, In my own time, Guided by my own experience/knowledge.
Which I am always happy to be corrected on.

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