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ADSL2+ at Mawson Lakes throttled?

I've been a longtime user, reasonably happy with the connection that I have to the Salisbury SA exchange. I am on a RIM with a tophat attached andI have had a fairly steady download speeds of about 11Mbps.


About a week ago my download speed dropped to 5.4Mbps. It very rarely alters, it sits at a steady, unfluctuating 5.4Mbps - it will never go any higher or lower.


I have performed all the usual tests and even had a Telstra employee take over my computer which resulted in a loss of connection and no callback. I'm suspecting that something has been done at the exchange.


Does anyone else experience a similar problem with their ADSL2+ connection to the Salisbury exchange?

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Level 1: Cadet

Re: ADSL2+ at Mawson Lakes throttled?

Answering my own query:


After two calls to online support and performing the seemingly endless isolation, rebooting etc tests I was finally referred to level 2 support.


At last - someone who understood the problem. I was advised that my sudden reduction in speed was almost certainly due to the application of "dynamic line management protocols" having been applied to my line. A quick check and two minutes later my download speed increased from 5.2Mbps to 13.2Mbps.I have been assured that a code has been applied indicating that this will not be applied in future.

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