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Adsl2 dropouts,no internet connection and constant slow speed

I'm on a 200gb adsl2 plan for almost a year now. Recently my connection speed has frequent dropouts and really slow connection,sometimes when the internet drops out it doesn't reconnect again for quite some time. This started last Friday, ever since then this problem occurred on a daily basis until now.
At the moment my modem isn't connected to the internet at all, tried rebooting it too many times still no progress. I got in contact with online support and called me tonight, they instructed me to do a few isolation test and restarting of the modem. After a few runs the internet is back up, only after a while of ending the call the internet drops out again. Every time it does that It always says something about authentication failed when opening a browser where it needs my user and password.
I've also realise our home phone doesn't seem to be working. It could have something do to with frequent internet dropouts.
I'm gonna try again tomorrow to get a different solution.

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Adsl2 dropouts,no internet connection and constant slow speed

Hi Jemery,


If you have no dial tone with only one phone connected, and no equipment connected to any other telephone socket, then the best course of action is to report this via 13 22 03 or

If the dial tone returns then I would recommend checking the following links to make sure that the isolation test was complete and a faulty piece of equipment wasn't overlooked.

ADSL Isolation test


ADSL Line Profile [Note: after logging in, some customers will be redirected to My Account and need to perform the following steps to then select Account Services then My BigPond from the menu located at the top right of the page.]


If you continue to experience difficulties with ONLY the ADSL service, then contact Tech Support on 133 933 or via


- Shelly

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Re: Adsl2 dropouts,no internet connection and constant slow speed

Thanks for that, I've got in contact with tech support and they told me it's a faulty line. They said they're gonna send someone on Tuesday, and hopefully after that both home and adsl works.

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