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ADSL2 horrible performance

We have been living at this address for roughly ten years and for the last 2 years we have had very very poor internet performance. Before that there were no issues. I'm not sure what's going on but it's beginning to become a huge problem...basically it doesn't matter what game I play I get terrible latency. Overseas players often have a better latency than I do and I am just down the road from the exchange. Sometimes the latency is great but it doesn't take long for it to go down hill again. The problem times are random... huge spikes occur at any time of the day or night for no apparent reason, eg 12....60....80....100...250...300...500 then it will stay at 500 for a couple of minutes and then drop to 250 and then sits there for a while then back to 12 for a while then starts spiking again.This causes extreme shuddering and very poor performance with online gaming which is the primary reason for choosing the best Telstra internet plan and paying top dollar. Even just a browser being opened on another computer in the household can cause it to spike. Also I have noticed that the general use of the computer for browsing is even being affected sometimes opening only half of an image. When this occurs I check the latency and it is always on 500 or even higher. Telstra's solution when we approached them was that it was possibly the modem so we tried a new modem in an attempt to fix our 3000 ping and this did improve with the new Telstra TGateway approved modem but as you can see our problem is on going although not as bad. We have spoken to other friends who live in the same area as us and asked them to run the latency test on their computer and they are having problems as well. I can't understand why this problem has only started in the last 2 yrs after having great service for the previous 7 or 8 yrs. There is obviously a problem at the exchange. I have wasted rental on a gamearena for a couple of servers which I am not even able to use properly. I would like to add that yes I am connecting and playing local as I do understand the importance of playing local for best latency having been a gamer for many years. Also Telstra have run several line tests on our service and they have always informed me that there are no issues however there obviously are issues and I'm getting sick of being told the same thing when I would not be here writing this if there was not a problem. My local exchange is Medowie nsw 2318.

Here is a pic of one ping test done on a good the way we also get the lowest rating frequently...which is an F


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Re: ADSL2 horrible performance

Hi Codral05, welcome to the forum.


I understand that ping is important for gaming (I am a gamer myself), however it is not something that is typically investigated as part of the service delivery.


It would be interesting to know overall how the connection performs in regards to stability (drop outs) and speed (fluctuating or consistently low/high) of the connection.


You may also want to play around with line profiles, see details here, as this may help improve the service for you.

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Re: ADSL2 horrible performance

1.) Get Bigpond tech support to admit to congestion on the exchange.

2.) Get the compliance team to let you out of your contract for no fee.

3.) Churn to Internode.



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