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ADSL2+ line dropouts 20 seconds after connecting

I'm becoming increasing frustrated with Telstra tech support and have decided to try here to see if anyone can assist me.


Since calling Telstra over a week ago to query my slow speed, I have now been without a stable ADSL connection for any longer than 20 seconds and noone I speak to seems to be able to resolve the issue.


Basically, the background is - I returned from holiday last week and noticed that my internet speeds were considerable slower than before I went away. Now this may have just been congestion at the time, but I still called just to see if there was a reason.


The person I spoke to verified that the line did seem slow at the time (around 1.1mbps) and said she would make some changes to my line configuration to try and improve the speed. Once she had made those changes, my router reset as expected however since then it has not been able to connect to dsl for any longer than 20 seconds. Despite spending another 1.5 hours on the phone with the tech support person she was not able to restore stability to my connection.


Since then, I have spoken to numerous Telstra tech support people and we have tried all of the following, with no avail:


 - Numerous line profiles with varying levels of noise protection

 - I have had 2 x technicians on site at the exchange and in my home, who have confirmed no issues with the line and exchange. The last technician also changed the port at the exchange (I am about 1.8km from the exchange).

 - I have reset and reconfigured my router (I use the Tehnicolor router supplied by Telstra) a number of times

 - I have removed all other devices that connect to the phone line

 - I have separately purchased a new router, ethernet cable and splitter (laptop is connected via ethernet)


Despite all of this I still get an issue where my router connects, stays connected for about 20seconds, and then disconnects. Given that my internet worked fine until last week when the line configuration was changed - I can only presume that it is the line configurationw which is causing my issue - no other factors have changed, and the issue was only triggered by the change in line confirguration last week.


One thing I have noticed, is that my new router (Netgear D6300) has an option in the advanced settings which allows you to select the "ADSL mode" for my connection. It has four options "Auto, ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL 2+". I have found that I can get a stable connection if I select ADSL however the speed is so slow the internet is unusable (slower than dialup). But any other option causes the drop out issue. I'm currently seeking further information from Netgear as to the exact settings that this option actually impacts - but it is interesting that the ADSL option at least gives me a stable connection, while ADSL 2+ causes the drop outs.


I'm still waiting for a callback from Telstra who have apparently escalated the issue, but each time I speak with someone I get the same run around. They get me to re-do all the tests I have already done (despite giving them the reference number for all my previous calls), they change the line profiles and then suggest a technician.


Given that I have already had 2 technicians out (and that my internet was working fine before I called up with the speed query) I really need someone who is going to think of another solution or look a little deeper into my line configuration. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar or has any suggestions?



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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: ADSL2+ line dropouts 20 seconds after connecting

Hi Leon241


We definitely want to get this issue resolved for you. Just so we can narrow down the cause, do you have an alternative modem preferably BigPond supplied one which can be plugged in to try and see if that improves your service at all? Since with your modem internet works fine albeit slow when 'ADSL' is selected it's indicating towards not being a line issue. But if the speed improves with no drops on a different modem it would be a possible issue with the Netgear modem.


Also it would be best to do an isolation test to rule out other possible causes(for slow speed & drop faults) as mentioned here: http://goo.gl/fTXVZ


Hope that helps.




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