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ADSL2+ No Line Sync and lack of support

Your service lately has been absolutely disgusting, to the point I am seriously considering changing service providers for all services, landline and broadband!

My issues commenced a few days ago, where my DSL line lost line sync and would not regain it. After a series of various diagnostics procedures myself, have ruled out any equipment failure on my end.

I am an ex computer technician and network manager, so I'm not silly when it comes to performing diagostics.


For the pupose of this post, I am using a Telstra Technicolor TG587n v3 modem (supplied by Telstra) however I have also tested with a Netgear DGN2000 and no line sync appears.

After an hour on the phone, your techs failed to resolve my issue, apparently escalating it to level 2 techs where I had to await till the following day for a return which the return call was useless, telling me everything I already knew.

Phones and faxes on my line all work fine, with no noise or static coming through the line. I have several modems and line filters, all of which have been used/tested on my service, and none of which get line sync, so the issue is not with any of my equipment.

After yet another call today, I am then informed that I am to be without ADSL for atleast another 7 days; it seems you guys fail to put any priority on the issue and subsequently, I am going to be without ADSL services for a period of 10 days or MORE because of something that is NOT my fault!

Unfortunately for me, I am trying to run a business and without internet services, my business suffers, but again, Telstra fail to recognise this and simply won't do anything until the 30th of January.

Might I add, my premises is owned by an Authorised Telstra technician, who has installed and maintained the phone lines within the premises for years. Infact, the last time this issue occurred (yes, this isn't the first time!! - 3rd time infact), he tested the lines as far as the network boundary and deemed all lines within the premises to be of full working and operational order, with no issues. His tests uncovered the issues going beyond the network boundary, which was then left up to your technicians to attend and resolve...again, waiting days!!

Come on guys, get your act together and fix the issue well before the 10 days as I am sick and tired of paying for a service I simply cannot use! Furthermore, to be able to use internet services, I am having to pair with my mobile phone, therefore using it's data and costing me more money; money I should not be having to spend for an issue that is related to YOUR network and equipment, not MINE!

I will be following this matter up further and seeking alternative providers for my services, as it seems third party providers have more luck getting your techs to do things that me dealing direct with Telstra!!

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: ADSL2+ No Line Sync and lack of support

Hey Snowytowing,


I completely understand the frustration however if you have checked over all equipment on your end, then our next step is for a technician to attend. The appointment date would be the first generated time available, so while the wait is annoying, it is unfortunately the quickest possible solution.


Hopefully the Technician can get this resolved for you Smiley Happy



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