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ADSL2+ speeds & requests to change account type.


Well, I've tried everywhere else so I figure it can't hurt to ask here. Please bear with me, this is a long intro but needs as much info so as not to cause any misunderstandings.



Ok, this issue has been on going since I signed up for a new bundle package. I'm hoping someone can give me any ideas where to start when dealing with Telstra on this issue as for well over six months it has proved impossible to solve.



I move an existing account to a new physical address in an area that has ADSL2+ available and I read about the Telstra Entertainer Super Package - M 100GB data for $120/mnth. Included is a T-Box that was being advertised at the time (BTW - Today I was told it's no longer a package that's available) very approximate time frame is around Nov 2013 but Telstra determines it was July 2014, thats a whole other story & I don't want this thread hijacked on the subject. I just want an answer as to how I get what I signed up for.



I did the signup in store at a local Telstra shop. They checked availability & said ADSL2+ was available at our address & so I signed up.



I was told it would take a few days to get things sorted & I had an added complication of trying to swap an existing business account to a personal account so it took a little longer for me to get some of the required info to Telstra (I mean as in a few extra days, not weeks)



At the time we had a 25GB business plan & I have no idea what the connection type was. All I know is it was ADSL of some description.



4 days after signing up I received the T-Box.



Over the course of several weeks our internet connection was connected, disconnected, multiple times & I was told it was becasue they were migrating the account & changing to ADSL2+. I bought that & patiently waited. (Ok, maybe not patiently but I waited) During this time I also had several disconnections because I had an over due bill. I was standing my ground (stupidly on reflection) because I had not yet received all of the package I had signed up for & basically wanted connection & proper service BEFORE I paid any outstanding bills.



After begrudgingly paying the bill I still did not have any reasonable service & was getting approx 1.3Mbps data speeds.



During these weeks which eventually turned to a few days short of 2 months I also had calls from various persons within Telstra asking me the same questions over & over again about the type of bundle I had purchased & was being told they were having some issues with the exchange & getting the ADSL2+. They told me I couldn't get ADSL2+ or even ADSL2 & that I would have to go with another package. I stood my ground, repeated what I had now been told by at least 3 different people within Telstra, that ADSL2+ was available at my address according to Telstras own data & that is what I wanted. The connection / disconnections slowed & eventually we had consistant service but it was VERY slow.

I was also told during this period that when someone tried to place a request to have the changes made (within Telstra) it would go to the field, the tech would report ÄDSL2 not available" and the order would be cancelled. But the order would get auto re-generated somehow & basically got stuck in an infinate loop which caused problems when trying to figure out why the account wasn't getting changed.

The straw that broke me was when I logged onto my account to see that my data pack had been reduced to 5GB & we were over our data limit & the service had been slowed (not the first time, I just didn't realise it was due to data usage) Again, many hours on the phone & alot of frustration was spent trying to get things sorted out. Then, after getting us back on to the original 25GB plan  "Temporarily" until the whole mess could be sorted out I had a phone call telling me that I simply couldn't get ADSL2 or ADSL2+ at my address because the exchange was not physically capable due to hardware and that my account had been changed to the 25GB permanently. I was connected on what they called ADSL "fast" which was set at the exchange at 1.5Mbps. With data loss because we are a few kilometres from the exchange that means about 1.3Mbps on a good day. I know the exchange was set to that because 2 seperate field techs have told me personally that's what it is.



So, after the hours I had logged on the phone & all the frustration I gave up. I very reluctantly conceeded that I was never going to get anything better.




That was months ago & we have had crap speed from start to now. Then about three weeks ago (18th Jan I think) we lost out connection completly. I called, logged a fault, was told it would be checked & I got back into the familiar waiting mode. One week went by & nothing, no calls to explain & no internet. I rang & complained. Was told it was being rectified but a field tech that was assigned to my case had called in sick the day he was schedulled to fix my fault.

I was told it had been reschedulled & that it had been determined that the fault was a fuse (I kid you not) which needed to be replaced & they were waiting for a new part from overseas. I would be re-connected by 31st Jan. At this point I was very unhappy & the Telstra phone consultant would not put me onto a supervisor. I waited for over an hour until finally getting to speak to a supervisor. She informed me that I could access the internet on my PC via my mobile & that she would increase my mobile data package so I did not incurr any additional costs for this. If I had been given this information earlier in the period I would have had MUCH smaller ulcers.

So I switched to the mobile device as my temporary modem & eventually a field tech did show up at our house to check the lines & modem. This is where it gets REALLY frustrating for me & I can honestly say this post is my last attempt to get some kind of satisfaction.


Whilst at my house the tech replaced my modem & said it was probably the issue. Its covered in my plan so that was all good. Then he asks me about my speeds. He says "Your account shows as being ADSL2 on my work order but your speeds are really slow, what speed do you normally get?"

So I told him a shrot version of the above & he says.

"Let me check with another local Technician, I'm don't work this area full time so I will get the right info for you from the local guy, but I'm pretty sure you can get better speeds than that."

He calls his mate & I could hear the conversation, it was basically "Yeah, he should be getting better than that. Whats the connection type?"

Out of area tech says, "He's on 1.5 in the exchange but his account shows as ADSL2. My physical check read it as GDST (don't quote me exactly on that but its very similar & looked as though he had no idea what that even meant) Are you sure he can get ADSL2 (repeated my address to the local tech......."Yes says the local guy, he's a fair distance from the exchange but even with data loss it should be much better than what your getting."

Ok, so now I'm getting excited again, maybe there is hope.

The tech called another tech to re-confirm as he was at the exchange. He said yes, ADSL2.

Then he calls his help desk, they confirm the same thing & he requests that whatever had to be done is done & he would get me on to ADSL2 (by the end of the first phone call I was out of the room so I don't know exactly what was said) he assured me I would be on ADSL2. All I had to do now was call accounts, change my package back to the original 100GB bundle & I'd be sweet.

After he left I called accounts & my saga began all over again.

Firstly, it took me a long time to explain what had transpired with the tech. Then I am informed that I would have to pay an early exit fee to change from one bundle to another.

I calmly explained that I was not paying any such fee, the bundle I want to change to is the bundle I originally signed up for & I'm not paying for your inability to provide me that service in the first instance. That was apparently understandably, however he went on to tell me that he was powerless to do anything & a fee must be paid.

Thank God they make cordless phones tough these days!

The following day I used the chat feature from my account page and spoke to accounts again, this person was much more reasonable & was promised that everything would be swapped over to ADSL2, my bundle would be changed & that I would have the exit fee waived. I would be on ADSL2 within 48 hours.

That was over 60 hours ago ang guess what, still no changes, not even to my account profile.

So again this afternoon I used the chat & the consultant said there was an attempt to change my account mut it failed. She said she had (As we were conversing) been able to change the account & now that it was done I would have ADSL2 available by 9pm EST.

Well folks, its 11pm EST now & I have the blistering data speed of 1.3Mbps & my account still shows as the 25GB plan.

If there is anyone out there who has any clue as to what may be causing this issue, why it so damn hard to change an account & what my best approach is (IE which department, what technical info I need to provide etc) please let me know & help me put this complete nightmare to bed once and for all.

As a side note, I heard from a VERY reliable source that there have been customers who have been trying to get ADSL2 or ADSL2+ via Telstra when it shows as available in their area but they cannot. In some cases these people have been trying for years. In a few cases I have been told that some customers have changed service providers and miraculously been able to connect to ADSL2 or ADSL2+. Even though these same people were told by Telstra that it was impossible and the new provider is using TELSTRAS hardware & lines. Is this my only option? Change providers & see what happens?

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Re: ADSL2+ speeds & requests to change account type.

Some exchanges/RIM/Cabinets are capped due to congestion, but it's pretty rare and normally at around 3Mbps. I can't see any reason why you would be artificially limited to 1.5Mbps.

I would suggest the tech referred to G.DMT, which is technical talk for ADSL1. Normally when Telstra provision an ADSL1 service, it's called Open1. This means that you get the best speed you can using the ADSL1 technical specs, which is up to 8Mbps down. Services should no longer be capped as they were in the past to 256k/512k/1500k.

This honestly sounds to me like you need to lodge an official complaint, get a reference number from them, and ask to have a case manager assigned. This really looks as though it needs a single point of contact who can work through what is happening rather than you dealing with a fresh person every time. From what you've said it's been pretty poorly managed so far.

Also, are you able to provide your modem/line stats?. This is your Sync Speed, Attenuation and SnR ratio. This can give an indication of what sort of speed you should expect in a best-case scenario.

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Connection programming for my account



Is there anyone out there that might have an idea why my account seems locked on ADSL turbo when it is supposed to be ADSL2+?


I have been trying for months to get my account switched to (actually was supposed to be set up as) ADSL2+


Now, my account shows as ADSL2+ (It may actually be ADSL2 I'm not entirely sure, but I do know ADSL2+ is supposed to be available at my address)


I am supposed to be on a Entertainer Super Bundle - M 100GB This bundle was sold to me based on ADSL2+ being available. I am currently on a 25GB Turbo ADSL (According to my account page) and have been told my account was changed because ADSL2+ is not available.


I have tried to get this switched over for months. I have had the following comments from Telstra regarding this request;

1. The exchange is not capable of supplying ADSL2 or ADSL2+ at my address.

2. I am too far away from the exchange

3. The exchange is overcrowded


However, recently I had a Field Technician at my house after I lost internet & he came to do a physical check. He replaced the modem & asked about my speeds. I currently get 1.5Mbps which is what I have been told is all that is available to me. He said the exchange DOES have ADSL2 & I should be able to get that & acheive much better speeds (Something I've been banging my head over for months & had all but given up on)


He checked with his workmates in the area & 2 of them confirmed ADSL2 was available & I can be on that. he also checked with hos help desk & they confirmed same.


He told me my account showed up on his work order as ADSL2


He made a call, then said he had initiated whatever it was he needed to so that my connection could be changed. Then said all I needed to do was call accounts & request my package is changed.


He also said that his check showed my connection was on GDST (Or something similar which it appeared he had never seen before & didn't know anything about what that meant) And he suggested that my connection was limited by my account programing, not the exchange.


A few details to know;

1. I know that my connection at the exchange is currently set at 1.5Mbps

2. I understand that my distance from the exchange will affect my speed however, knowing my current setting is 1.5 & I get about 1.3 on average then I figure switching to ADSL2+ or ADSL2 will lose speeds but would still be a massive difference on what I'm currently getting.

3. I know our exchange has ADSL2 at the very least is available at my exchange.


So, pretty simple huh? Ring accounts, get the account changed from its current setting to ADSL2 or ADSL2+ if available and Bob's your Anunty! WRONG


As per every other time I have tried to get this done in the past it has become a frustrating and ridiculous tail chasing exercise. Everytime the request goes through, something blocks it & comes back as 1.5Mbps connection only.


My gut feeling is that the programming as the Tech said, is the issue. But I am finding it VERY difficult to get anyone to listen & at least investigate this. Basically the request gets stuck in an infinate loop where the request gets issued, the restriction blocks the request, the request gets cancelled & then it starts all over again. To my mind, Telstra consultants are blindly issuing a request & then walking away from the problem as they think its completed. No one seems to actually be reading how many times this has happened and taken the time to investigate a little deeper.


So, my questions are;

1.  Does any of the above ring true to anyone?

2. What is my best avenue to get someone to check & perhaps reconfigure / start again on my account programing?

3. Are there any other ways I can check the above details.


Any help is much appreciated.


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Re: ADSL2+ speeds & requests to change account type.


Thanks for your reply.


Not sure about the specs you mentioned, where so I get them from? I have a Network Metere on my Gadgets, would that give the details you mentioned?


As far as I've been able to acertain from various persons both on the ground and within help centre, the connection is 1.5 at the exchange. But when the Tech mentioned programing I am starting to think that there is a glitch on my account (or within the account settings) that keeps blocking the request to change it to a faster speed.


During the conversations the Tech had with his collegues I overheard that I should be at 20Mbps, they figure I will lose a fair bit as I'm a a distance from the exchange but it would be better than 1.3Mbps I'm currently getting.


I am currently in a holding pattern while the latest request to change it over gets processed, I have been told this will be done by 6:03pm tonight. Before this is completed nothing else can be done to investigate or try to make changes aside from the request to change to ADSL2+ which is a request that has been initiated on my account many many times since early 2014.


My moden was replaced late Jan 2015 by the above Tecxh I mentioned.

Make: Technicolor

Model: Technicolor TG

Model Number: 797n v3


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Re: ADSL2+ speeds & requests to change account type.

Thanks coffeefrappe; for your prompt attention to merging my posts. I just wish Telstras service was so effecient!

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: ADSL2+ speeds & requests to change account type.

Hey MikT

I've sent you a PM to get your account info - I can check out what your service is programmed as, and make any necessary adjustments if there is an issue.


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